About the Program

The goal of the Firemonkey eXplorer program is to promote the usage and growth of the Firemonkey Framework. It does this by providing an introduction to Firemonkey using a slick modern design and a network of developers invested in it’s success. Firemonkey is a visual framework for cross platform rapid application development that is owned and developed by Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. The Firemonkey Framework currently supports Windows, Android, IOS, and OSX.

Join the Program

If you have a website you can join the program by adding our Firemonkey eXplorer badge to your site. The Firemonkey eXplorer badge links to the Firemonkey eXplore website (FiremonkeyX.com) where new developers, procurement managers, and executives can learn more about Firemonkey. Links are provided on FiremonkeyX.com where new developers can download free trials of the development environments that support the Firemonkey framework. Additional links are provided where the development environments can be purchased from Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. The latest development environments for newer versions of Firemonkey are RAD Studio XE8, Delphi XE8, C++Builder XE8, and AppMethod.

Affiliate Program

Embarcadero has an affiliate program where they share a percentage of a sale of the Firemonkey development environments with affiliates. Embarcadero currently pays out 4-8% of any sales referred by an affiliate. The FiremonkeyX.com website is setup to use the affiliate program. One of those goals of the Firemonkey eXplorer program is to enable Firemonkey eXplorers to include their own Embarcadero affiliate ID in their badge links and tag the links on FiremonkeyX.com with the Embarcadero affiliate ID of the eXplorer who sent the user.

Here is an example Embarcadero affiliate link. The green section after the ?affiliate= is your affiliate ID.


You can include your affiliate ID in your link to FiremonkeyX.com like this:


Get the Code

Firemonkey eXplorer
125×125 Firemonkey eXplorer badge.

Cut and paste the above code into your site or download the image and create you own link.

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